Sepia tone black & white photo of young woman in beaded top playing with pearl necklace.
Mature woman in black dress showing off funky shoes in front of backdrop.
Man in panama hat cutting tobacco to roll cigar.
Young girl wearing floppy red hat, sitting in antique red chair.
Half of the face of blonde woman with blue eyes.
Headshot of smiling girl in Floppy red hat.
Grainy close-up photo of topless woman from just above nose to bellybutton, with face turned to side and arms folded across breast.
A woman sits on the floor, a pink wrap around her hips, a spotlight on her naked back. With both arms up she plays with her hair on top of her head.
A young man riding his skim board on the beach.
A Sepia toned black & white image of a woman, her right shoulder leaning towards the camera. Her robe is off her bare shoulders, exposing her breast to just above the nipple, wearing round dark sunglasses, that obscure her eyes on her shaved head.
A woman sits in a chair looking in a mirror, she is wearing a mans oxford shirt, open in the front, with the mans bow tie hanging and covering her breast. A bowler hat sits low on her head covering her eyes.
A three quarter length image of a woman looking up at her hand in the air, her long hair flowing behind her.
A close up of a woman, we see only part of her face from the tip of her nose down to the chest area. A crocheted shawl covers one shoulder with the other should bare.
A woman is standing at the shore in a wrap skirt and plain t-shirt. She is looking out over the water with her hand on her hip.
A rich brown black & white photo of a woman in front of windows holding a bouquet of flowers.
A woman lays on a fainting couch, her feet are on the headrest, her face is turned away and her hair flows over the foot of the couch. In her hands she is holding a bouquet of flowers.
A woman stands in a room draped in chiffon, she is naked underneath,  The image is in black & white, one arm is outstretched to the side, in the other hand she holds a bouquet of flowers that are hand coloured.
We see half of woman's face, she is wearing a half face mask and crown of purple flowers in her hair.
A young woman sits wearing a white casual wedding dress, with a bouquet of orchids in her lap. The photo is very grain, giving a soft feel.
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